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Friday, September 21, 2007

Why Are There Rules in Croquet?

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Cheeze Whiz said...

7. Pie; 20 less than 3 times ice cream
500 calories total

let x= number of calories in pie
let y= number of calories in ice cream

l1: x+y=500
l2: 3y-20=x

l1: y=500-x
l2: y=(x+20)/3
therefore; (x=370, y=130)

Katlynn.* said...

Question #4:

Let x = The First Number
Let y = The Second Number which is five more then two times the first number

From the information above we know that:
L1: x + y = 44
L2: 2x + 5 = y

Next we have to rearrange the equations so that they line up:
L1: x + y = 44
L2: 2x - y = -5

Now we multiply L1 by (-1) so that we can preform the Elimination Method:
L1: -x - y = 44

Now to preform the Elimination Method we subtract L1 from L2 to get:
3x = 39
x = 13

Now that we know what x is we plug it into either L1 or L2 to figure out what y is(in this case we will use L2):
2x + 5 = y
2(13) + 5 = y
26 + 5 = y
31 = y

Therefore we know that the first number in the equation is thirteen and the second number is thirty one .

BettyDoll said...

Question #1: The sum of two numbers is 90. Their difference is 18. Find the numbers.

let x = one of the numbers
let y = the other number

L1: x + y = 90
L2: x - y = 18

L1: y = 90 - x
L2: -y = 18 - x
y = (18 - x) / 1

After we graph the lines and find the intersection, we know one of the numbers (x) is 54 and the other number (y) is 36.

* J a n e l l e * said...

Joke Sheet, Pg.166 #2
The second of two numbers is 4 more than the first. The sum of the numbers is 56. Find the numbers.

Step One:
Let a = The first number.
Let b = The second number that is greater than 4 of the first number.

Step Two:
L1: a+b= 56
L2: b= a+4

Step Three:
+ b=a+4
2b= 60
(2b)/2= 60/2
b= 30

(Substitute 30 in for b)
a+b = 56
a+(30)= 56
a+30-30= 56-30
a= 26

Step Four:
The first number equals 26. The second number that is four more than the first number is 30 therefore the sum of the two numbers are 56.

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